Of Recessionals and Processionals

When Harry and Meghan left St.George’s Chapel after their wedding the other day, the orchestra was playing the first movement of the glorious Symphony No.1 by William Boyce. It’s sunny, celebratory, and utterly joyful, which made it a perfect choice, even—maybe especially—when played at the breakneck speed required of the orchestra.

It made us especially happy, because it’s special music for us, too. When our daughter was born and we drove her home from the hospital, we pulled into the driveway and I hustled off into the house, where I’d already readied the Boyce (this version) on the turntable. I turned on the receiver, dropped the needle, and sprinted back out to the car. I carefully lifted our beautiful, precious newborn out of her seat, gently handed her to her mother, and we all walked into our new life together in absolute jubilation.


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