Moving Day

It’s bitter cold out (surprise, surprise), and a small crew with a huge truck is here marking, inventorying, and shifting boxes and pieces of furniture that will fill part of the trailer and make their next appearance in Concord, New Hampshire, just after Christmas.

A’s dad (another A—let’s call him A1) arrived yesterday, and he is downstairs overseeing the work (front door wide open, of course, so house freezing) and making coffee for the guys. I am upstairs with a space heater in the master bedroom, keeping sweet B warm and occupied. Jasper the Wonderdog, very concerned that his house is being turned topsy-turvy, is up here with us, enjoying a special dispensation that allows him to curl up on the bed just this once.

A possible shuffle with H and J the W this afternoon, if schedule and this !@#$%^ weather permit, then I think we’re going out to dinner tonight. Big changes, big doings. Thanks for the mug of tea, A1!

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