Moonlight in Vermont

We picked H up at Bradley Airport last night, and drove her north for some residency and fellowship interviews. She’s almost six months into her pregnancy, and warned us accurately that “I’m a little bigger than I was the last time you saw me.” Bigger maybe, but she looks especially and wonderfully beautiful to us.

Being up here, it’s an appropriate time to trot out my first YouTube post. There are lots of great versions of this song. My favorite is probably the one done by Ella and Louis. Great Sarah Vaughn and Margaret Whiting versions are actually available on YouTube. So is a Frank Sinatra version that seems to be a lot of people’s favorite, but which I think is a little too gooey. I really like this Willie Nelson version. (I didn’t create the video.) Hope you enjoy it.

(As Robert Frost might say at this point, we’ll actually be spending most of our time in New Hampshire.)

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