Lightning strike!

We got back home from Minnesota to discover that our DSL modem had been fried in a thunderstorm. Nearby electronics shops had no modems to sell me…too many others had suffered the same fate and cleaned out every store in a wide radius. Thursday, I scarfed my father’s modem (he no longer uses it), which is newer than ours was. I still couldn’t get on line. I had no choice but to turn to the dreaded, and amusingly named—dramatic organ chords—customer service.

Two dropped calls, 15 minutes on hold listening to canned sales pitches, and an hour or so on the phone with actual (and quite nice, if variably competent) humans, and we were finally back up…on direct Ethernet only. I decided that was enough angst for a day, and left the Airport issue for the weekend. That turned out to be a fatigue error by yours truly, easily fixed this morning, and we’re all set now. Brilliant and illuminating posts will be returning to this space soon.


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