Lassies, come home

I’m missing the New Hampshire contingent a lot these days. It’s been a month since I’ve seen them. Fortunately, H and B will be here in a week and A will later arrive for a couple of days before they all head back north. In the meantime, I continue to bless whoever invented iChat.

Sweet B continues to build towers of Legos and blocks, during which she exhibits the unusually long attention span that’s characteristic of both of her parents. She is learning her colors (though many of them do seem to be green). She has lots of words now, loves books, and can name most of the animals she finds in them. (Her father is currently trying to stress the difference between a monkey and an ape. We may be waiting a while on that one, but she can differentiate between hippos and rhinos, which I think is brilliant, don’t you?) And, she’s a wonderfully sunny and happy little person. So things are going well.

But, studying the situation with absolute objectivity, I feel that she needs to see a great deal more of her maternal grandfather to round out her education. (I’m sure her parents agree. “Watch M, dear, and be polite, but then do the other.”)

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