King Pine Tri

H and A competed in their first triathlon of the year yesterday. They rose at the crack of dawn, geared up, and wandered down the track from their room near the site to the check-in.

Others athletes and hangers-on were arriving, but the place wasn’t yet the hive of activity it would become.

My shutter finger was too slow to catch A on his swim or bike, and I somehow missed H entirely as she came out of the water, and was on a grandfatherly mission when she set out on her ride, but they were having a good day. Here they are beginning their runs.

And here they are just before finishing into the chute.

A was comically issued the number of an older woman, which caused a bit of confusion for a while (and forced him to wear a pink swim cap), but he was ultimately discovered to have finished fourth in his age (and gender) group. H was third in hers. And their club was second. More importantly, it was a wonderfully friendly and cheery event. Dogs and children were everywhere, the music was loud and good, happiness abounded, and a good time was had by all.

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