I’m back

But I don’t really know where to start, beyond saying I had a spectacular, sensational, superb, splendid, stupendous, and snowless time, and want to go back the day after tomorrow with all my favorite people.

So here’s a tiny first taste:

The gorgeous Abel Tasman Coastal Track 

A minute or two on the Kepler’s Mount Luxmore, well above treeline, as was much of the Routeburn.

The only problem was that this squalid character kept turning up.


I’m back — 6 Comments

  1. Hi, Marty. What a nice way to be received back! The funny thing is, the walking was not at all strenuous, and I was just out of a shower when that picture was taken. So I wasn't actually bedraggled at all. Whatever I was, it's a fine look to scare children with.

    Alan, the earthquake affected me not at all. I was actually on the North Island when it hit. But it is a terrible tragedy for Christchurch and New Zealand. Hundreds killed, many injured and/or homeless, and a real sense of "maybe we can't come back from this" percolating among these usually positive, can-do people. Really devastating.

  2. Lou and Phyl: my exploits are pretty tame, but I think I'll be able to start filling a few posts with them tomorrow.

    Myretta: Good to be back, but only because I've got friends and family here. Otherwise…. See you soon?

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