“Me done walking now”

Heading off from her house toward downtown Concord a mile or so away, sweet B was given a choice: stroller or walk? She chose self locomotion, and off we went…for about a hundred yards, after which she looked up and announced, “Me done walking now.” So, not having the wit or will to turn back for wheels, I had an armful of two-year-old into town and back. (“Not on shoulders. You carry.”) Naturally, I took advantage of the situation to load up on kisses.

It was a terrific weekend with the B, while her parents were away without her for the first time. (“Mama and Dada climb up up mountain?” “That’s right, Sweetness. Can you say Jefferson?”) All parties seemed to come through without undue angst. (Though Mama and Dada, who have been working too hard to get out all that much, report very sore quads.)

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