Iffley Road Track, August 12.


So I’ve finally run my mile in the footsteps of Roger Bannister, something I’ve wanted to do since my teens. And I had the wit to push it hard enough to give it the honor of effort, which was important to me, but not so hard something might have gone twang.

It’s always interesting to be on the spot. I had no idea, for example, that running up the back straight you have the massive tower of St. John the Evangelist square in your face, nor that on the next turn, Magdalen Tower heaves into sight, much closer than I would have thought.

Altogether a wonderfully satisfying few minutes.


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  1. Bloody Wonderful Mark!

    And prety even laps too:
    1st Quarter 1:50
    2nd Quarter 1:53
    3rd Quarter 1:52
    Last lap 1:46

    Perhaps that first lap was a bit quick? Okay – the adrenaline had taken over! But that last lap: That was a stormer!

    Tremendous to put the environs into the story too.

    Isn't it wonderful when you fulful an ambition?

  2. Thanks, Alan. I ran the first lap fast because I didn't want to be "lapped" by Chris Brasher, completing the half as I completed the quarter. He wouldn't have caught me until the end of the turn, I think. (Pathetic, I know.)

    Looking forward to seeing you, Phil, and Darren tomorrow…and Martin, do come if you can.

  3. A very good time Mark – and nicely paced, well done! If that's not pushing it too hard, what COULD you have done??

    Enjoy your celebratory pint(s) on Saturday!


  4. Very Well Done Mark!

    I drank a pint of An Teallach Brewery's 'Suilven' in your honour today.

    Bit far for me to come down for further celebrations – but hope to see you n another TGO Challenge some time!?

    David Albon

  5. Thank you, John and David. Maybe 7 flat, John,if my life depended on it…but I wouldn't want to put it to the test. I appreciate the Suilven toast, David, and I'm hoping a future Challenge becomes possible.

  6. Congratulations. What a fun thing to do. We recently saw Chariots of Fire for the umpteenth time, Harold Abrahams, one of the main characters, won the gold in the 100 meters at the Paris(1924) Olympics. Years later he was to become the timer for Roger Bannister's signal run.
    Lou and Phyllis

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