Happy 17-month birthday, sweet B …

… and Happy New Year, too! (Water! It was water!)

An iChat kiss good-bye.

I’m heading north on Sunday for five days in Concord. Lots of time for real hugs and kisses, though B’s way too active these days for snuggles. My job is to fill in next week’s unique interstices among mommy, daddy, and daycare, so I’ll have the days free. I’d originally planned to hit the mountains, but realized that in the winter there was no time for the round trip and the climb. Plan B is downhill skiing, which I haven’t done in somewhere between 15 and 20 years. This may, in fact, make no sense, given the achilles issue (much better but a little dicey). So I may have to develop a Plan C. Whatever the plan, it will be wonderful to be with the New Hampshire branch of the family for a while.

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