A year ago I was wandering across Knoydart on my aborted TGO Challenge. Today, I was out pushing little B in her chariot as she sweetly babbled away and we wandered along the river on the bike path.

My time as nanny is drawing to a close. H graduates Saturday (Yay!), and family and friends begin to gather here in Minnesota today. As of tomorrow, I’ll have to fight off, not one, but two loving grandmothers if I want so much as a quick snuggle with sweet B. In a couple of weeks, B, A, and H will be ensconced in their New Hampshire apartment, and I’ll be back to my normal life in Connecticut.

When I was a much younger man, the stars aligned to grant me the great gift of time to spend with my daughter. From just about the time she was old enough to go to school, I worked from home and was usually able to jigger my schedule to accommodate hers. It was wonderful, and thankfully, I knew it was wonderful.

Now, as a geezer, I’ve been granted this second sublime gift—time with my oh-so-sweet granddaughter through a great part of her first year. Fierce bonding…without the drawback of her being old enough to pick up any of my bad habits. She’ll have to get them second-hand.


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