My dad had a social obligation yesterday evening, so instead of the standard Friday pasta, five of us went out to a favorite restaurant in a nearby town for a somewhat more sophisticated meal. And it was good.

We were tucked away in a nice corner, and part way into the meal, H called on her mother’s mobile with great news, and we passed the phone around so all—parents, godparents, and old friend—could have a word. She has been offered a fellowship that includes two simultaneous and integrated residencies. As part of this, she’ll come from Minnesota to Northern New England for three months next winter before she actually graduates from med school, then the whole crew will return for good early in the summer.

This is a big deal, mostly because it is exactly the program H wanted, but also because she and A (and by then, the baby—not to mention Jasper the Wonder Dog), will be back in the part of the world where they want to live. And they’ll only be a little over three hours away, so I will be able to pester them all in person. Frequently.

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