Done. Now fun.

H finished med school today. It was the last day of her last rotation, and the docs she was working with made much of counting down the last ten seconds for her. Many of her classmates had finished up weeks ago and have been enjoying something of a holiday, but the production of sweet B and the necessary time off left H cranking away until today. Corks have been popped (I am perhaps one glass away from having written “pops have been corked”), and the weekend celebration has begun.

H was fortunate enough to have been offered an exceedingly rare full scholarship to medical school, but we think we will largely make up for that in wine, food, and party supplies over the next few days. The grandmothers are already here. A’s dad, A1, is coming in tomorrow (bringing a special cake), along with H’s godparents and our great friends, R and M. We begin with lunch at the best restaurant in town, give a staggering (ha-ha) afternoon tour of the amazing Mayo Clinic; rest gently with a glass or two for a few hours; enjoy, with a nice Malbec, our first communal pasta for many months (if I remain sufficiently functional to cook); then head out to the official graduation bash. Those who can will rise on Saturday morning to attend the ceremonies; to be followed by a reception; more gentle vinous resting; then dinner at the other best restaurant in town, with which I held fruitful negotiations earlier this week about the wine menu.

We’ve always celebrated at the drop of a hat. What’s nicer than a drop of the bubbly after a job well done, even if it’s just a little job? But this is the culmination of brilliant work over many years, and the achieving of a dream held from childhood by a beloved daughter.

Oh, yes, we’ll celebrate.

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