Deep breaths

Well, with a little help from the Yankees and some great play of their own, the Sox are now just 2-1/2 games behind Tampa. Over the next few weeks, the two teams play six games. If Boston can’t overcome the Rays’ lead I’ll be surprised.

It may sound as if I’m fixated on baseball these days, but I have to admit it’s just a diversionary front. I’m actually fixated two other things: our new granddaughter, and the Presidential campaign.

On the first, I’ll be posting plenty on sweet little B over the next few months, but I know how trying that sort of ecstatic-grandparent/perfect-and-unique-baby thing can be to others.*

On the second, I see this as a do-or-die election for this country, whose principles and regard for law have been so cynically eroded over the past eight years by an administration and a party I see as an ongoing criminal conspiracy. This isn’t, in any sense, politics as usual, and I’m being driven insane by the infantile media that continue to trivialize everything. I don’t, however, wish to inflict my obsession on innocent victims who may visit this site to hear about walking shoes or mountain idylls. Or even town clock winding.

So I take a deep breath and turn to baseball, fully understanding that most of my regular readers couldn’t care less about that, either. But it has the merit of being just a game. (WHICH POLITICS ISN’T, YOU LAZY, STUPID, MUSH-BRAINED, OVERPAID, BLOW-DRIED, TRUTH-AVOIDING TWITS!)

Ahh, thinking about baseball keeps me perfectly calm.

*(B, of course, is perfect and unique.)


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  1. Mark

    Your ‘Town Clock Windng’ post still ranks amogst my favourite all time Blog Postings, EVER (in fact I occasionally revisit it to remind myself about time and it’s relative importance and what really matters to ordinary free thinking men.)

    However, I agree with you that right now Nothing Is More Important On Our Planet than your current Presidential elections.

    What I found fascinating was the sheer inward looking myopia of your media a few weeks ago – shown on ‘Newsnight’ over here.

    The ‘Newsinsight’ reporter asked both the Republican and Democrat US Supporters about the recent fabulous success of the European tour of Senator Obama and how it would affect the results of the US elections.

    Both questioned had to contain themselves from rolling about laughing, before they checked themselves. And then, as politely as they could muster, they both explained that no-one in their right minds in the United States of America gave a stuff about what the Europeans thought when it came to the most imortant election on our planet.

    I quite understand why you revert to baseball. It’s the only wayto keep your sanity.

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