Creaking and cranking around

I’ve been unable to run for the last few weeks due to another outbreak of TABBS. This is making me really crabby—and really fat. I got into bad habits in England, drinking as much beer as I wanted and not worrying about what went down the hatch with it, so I’m fast becoming Mr. Rolypoly.

Oddly, the tweaks and twinges don’t act up when I’m wrestling brush and small trees, so the back-back project continues apace. I’ve gotten to the point at which a chipper is a real necessity. I went to look at a used one the other day, but the owner couldn’t get it started so I came back home without it. Renting is probably the best bet now, but I hate spending what I consider a lot of money without getting some version of equity. Gripe, gripe, gripe.

To cheer myself up, I’m stealing this photo of B from H and A.

She’s exploring a kitchen cabinet in their new house. She looks like a left-lead hurdler with a slightly off arm action, doesn’t she? Have I mentioned how terrifically athletic she is? Oh. (We’ll be seeing them this weekend, so I know my crankies will be over by Friday evening.)

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