Cool Bikings

Now that I’m forced to learn a bit about bikes, I keep running into things that amaze and delight me. I’m wanting a Brompton, for example, even though it doesn’t really make sense around here. I just learned about these S&S Couplers from the Bilenky Cycle Works site.

The concept is either supercool or ridiculous, and as all my friends know, for me it would be ridiculous, because with my mechanical ability I’d never get my bike back together again. But for world-traveling you….

My actual bike, as opposed to my mythical Brompton, my non-existent trans-continental tourer, and my utterly fictional Yuba Boda Boda cargo-hauler is a simple Trek FX, soon to be semi-permanently attached to a Kinetic trainer for purposes of an early-morning hour of boredom before my walk. Neither amazement nor delight, but if I get a little unsublime increase in fitness I’ll be content.

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