Congratulations all!

My friends who walked this year’s TGO Challenge have all finished their walks across Scotland in the last few days. I’ve been avidly and enviously following those who’ve been blogging from moor and mountain. (Among these, special congrats to Martin Banfield on his Route of the Year award.) And now I’m looking forward to the tales and pix of those who wait until they get home. Congratulations also to the supreme commander of this wonderful event, Roger Smith, and those who helped staff the war room at Montrose.

This blog began, as it says over there on the side, as a way for me to make some friends and gain some tips before my Challenge in 2008, from which I retired after a mere four days. (I’m not sure which was worse, the depression or the embarrassment.) I couldn’t make it back last year or this, but I’m still determined that this space’s original aim not become obsolete. My personal route of the year will simply be one completed.

Cheers, Challengers!


Congratulations all! — 8 Comments

  1. Thanks Mark
    I'm only just catching up with a horrendous backlog of reading, in between trying to process some TGOC pics etc.
    I'm glad you enjoyed the blog.
    I must say I had to chuckle when I read John Hee's rant on his blog about never wanting to do the Challenge because it's basically an organised social event with a laid down formula that doesn't involve solo wild camping!

    Ah, now I know how Sloman managed to turn himself green. He's been rubbing everything with grass from his lawn!

  2. Martin! So sorry you were so inhibited by social constraints on your TGOC walk. Must have been a real drag.

    Someday I need to pick your brain about Majorca. (Also Collett's and the Dolomites). It's great fun to watch (read?) you get around.

  3. Ha Ha
    Social Constraints – as you have spotted – they really inhibited my route planning!
    My Challenge was actually 'balanced' to perfection (for me) – a long and challenging 10 day walk preceded by a sociable journey and followed by four days of easier walking and socialising with old friends and new.

    Re the Dolomites – I think Susan Lowery (from Glastonbury, CT) was happy with Collett's when she joined us there last year. We may use them again in a few weeks' time on a self-catering basis. I'm always happy to 'show people the ropes' over there – you just need to ask!

  4. "Ah, now I know how Sloman managed to turn himself green. He's been rubbing everything with grass from his lawn!" Hmm – that explains it – I thought it was some sort of fungal growth on my knees and elbows…

    (Word = "tribiabl")

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