Cirque de Soliel, take a back seat to the Cirque de Lescun

So we’re here in Lescun, in the French Pyrenees. Got here late Saturday afternoon, but didn’t get out for a walk until Sunday — the Belvedere, a stroll around behind the village that took us from Lescun’s 1,000 or so meters to about 1,200 and back down again over a pretty leisurely two hours. Sensational views at first, eventually subsumed in the mist. Good wine and great food, followed, of course.

Today, three of us wandered up to Lac de Lhurs, which we found underwhelming, though we did have a good chat with the cabane’s resident(the shepard?).

YouTube Video
The other views, both up toward the peaks and back down to the green and bucolic pastures of Lescun, were wonderful. And the walk, as a walk, lived up to its billing as strenuous but an entertaining day out.

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