Burrito memories

Earl “Fatha” Hines’ long version of Don’t Get Around Much Anymore just came around on an iTunes playlist, and it reminded me of hearing it last year via Heartland Radio as I prepared black bean burritos to H and A’s recipe. Cooking in their apartment kitchen reminded me of being 25…not a bad feeling, and probably why I remember the whole thing.

As a sometimes member of the Hot 5/Hot 7, Hines was the pianist on Louis Armstrong’s transcendent 1928 version of King Oliver’s West End Blues, (rather than Louis’s wife of the time, Lil Hardin, whose remarkably unswinging work couldn’t have helped create a nearly perfect masterpiece).

 I love another, somewhat less well-known masterpiece the two collaborated on, Muggles.

Hines wrote and performed a top-ten hit, Black and Tan Burrito Fantasy, in 1938.

Not really.

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