Best of luck to all Challengers

I just got what has become my annual TGO Challenge haircut, which makes me look more or less like this fellow—the one on the left, not the handsome devil on the right—rather than the shaggy scruffian I’d developed into over the winter. I’m not on the Challenge this year, mind you, but the memories are fond, the hope is alive, and I’ve never been immune to a little juju.

Very best wishes to the fortunate 300-odd who are tramping across the Highlands beginning in just about a week. I’ll be enviously  tracking those who blog the walk and also looking forward to the detailed after-action reports.

Here’s to good weather, good walking, and good fellowship. The good whisky is a given.


Best of luck to all Challengers — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you, Sir!

    I am now scrabbling about trying to get the final bits of gear (Ankle gaiters on their way, foot cream yet to order etc).

    All the tickets are booked and the belly is as big as ever…

    Hope to see you on next year's walk then, Mark?

  2. Thanks Mark
    We'll be sorry not to see you this year. I also have interrupted the 'picking' of kit from an assortment of boxes that seem to contain an adequate supply of everything I may need and more. So I'm leaving it to others to keep Bob and Rose in business this year.
    Just need to remind (frighten) myself of the route and print a few maps…

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