Bathing beauties … and MUCH, MUCH More!

B is standing regularly now, pulling herself up on whatever offers, and she has a wonderful habit of chuckling up at us as we make admiring noises (the only kind we make). She also has learned the old faithful “peek-a-boo,” and often initiates it herself by pulling her fruit-and-veggie-encrusted bib up over her face and slyly pulling it down again, with a squeaky laugh and big smile. Irresistible. Have I said she has a superb, highly nuanced sense of humor?


Anyway, after all this activity, she has to hit the showers, where, for the next month or two, she will still need a little help.

Speaking of activity, H and A are training for a triathlon this summer in New England. Much scheduled swimming (A’s strength, H’s weakness), running (H’s strength, A’s weakness), and bicycling (they can both turn a crank). [I’ve never done a triathlon. Simple reason: I’d drown.]

Aside from crack-of-dawn pool time and after-work running and spinning, we’re pretty much humming along as usual here, after a wonderful Easter week sharing sweet B with someone else who loves her just a little. But two bits of great recent news have taken a lot of weight off A and H’s shoulders. First, their house here in Minnesota has sold (fairly quickly, although it didn’t seem that way during the process). Second, A has been offered the job he wanted back in New Hampshire. It’s exactly a month from today that H graduates, and when they head back to the Northeast, they can now make their plans with few loose ends flapping around in the breeze.

Yesterday was the first fine day here in close to a month. B and I often walk the 10 or 15 minutes from the house in to the Clinic to meet mom and dad for lunch, and I’ve been clothing her heavily and wrapping her up warmly in her stroller to get there. Yesterday, we took advantage of the higher temperatures and lower winds to use the Kelty for transport. B wore only a light fleece and a sunhat for the trip. We had a great time, and will do it again today.

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