And now for a short break….

Off to Scotland! Even though it’s gorgeous here in Woodbury—as pretty as it ever gets, and that’s saying something—I’m ready for the winds and showers of the Highlands. The pack in the photo is a little heavier and lumpier than it will be when I actually hit the trail. I’m sending things ahead to Kingussie and Braemar. Of course, even then it will be heavier and lumpier than I like, but I have faith that the Crocs will remain super-cool.

I began writing this blog in November, largely to see if I could make contact with British walkers in the hopes I’d gain some TGO Challenge insights and maybe the occasional strolling partner.

Now I’m about to leave for my little adventure, I just wanted to say thanks to a lot of walkers I’ve begun to think of as friends. I’ve had lots of help and have been made to feel very welcome, and I appreciate it deeply. I hope to meet many of you over the next two weeks.

To other readers, I’ll be back soon, a man either broken and limping; or tanned, two inches taller, ten years younger, and altogether too full of myself. (Well, forget the tanned part.)


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  1. Hope you enjoy your time here, fwiw the weather has been great so far this week. Let hope it continues, I’m off to test some new kit in Glencoe this weekend.

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